Scope of Work 

Our Commercial and industrial work specialises within the following work disciplines;

1. General Building works (6GB PE)
2. Civil Engineering (6CE PE)
3. Electrical Engineering - Building (1EB PE)
4. Electrical Engineering - Infrastructure (1EP PE)
5. Mechanical Engineering (1ME PE) 

We have constructed various large structures over the past few years, notable among them is the Terramesh Retaining walls that stretched 300m with an average height of 7 meters.  

 A total of 2500 cubic meters of gabion stone was used in the construction of the wall. The Terramesh wall was built as part of a platform upon which a Senior Technical School was build.

General Building

Our services covers the entire spectrum of General Building Works, we have the capacity to construct your building project from from foundation to the finishing end product, and maintenance

Civil Engineering

Our Civil Engineering services covers the construction of Steel, concrete, earthworks, retaining walls including the dismantling of buildings and engineering structures


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Our specialist COMMERCIAL Services offering
What we offer
gabion & Terramesh

We have constructed 2500 cubic meters of Terramesh wall and 1800 cubic meters of Gabion wall. We are well placed to advice and construct your next industrial retaining wall project.

Bulk Earthwork

Our Team has extensive experience in bulk earthwork construction, be it new platform construction, cut and fill, import fill, bulk excavation, stock pilling or site clearance. Lets us build your next platform on time and budget. 

Stormwater & Drainage

We are the team you can bet on to construct your industrial underground infrastructure on budget and on time. it's an expensive exercise to get your underground infrastructure wrong. Lets do it right for you the first time.

Formwork & Shattering

We have constructed various concrete structures. Using good formwork is critical in reducing costs and meeting budget requirements, using the right team will save you money and time. We have a track record of vertical and slab concrete structure construction.


We have a team of highly qualified steel fixers to read the bending schedule and fixing services to meet customer installation requirements. We have a track record of successfully completed product. Let us install the reinforcement for your next project.


We provide cost-effective and efficient concrete service. We possess the knowledge, experience, and patience to create a solid piece of concrete that will do what it needs at any job site. We have constructed concrete structure for various commercial project construction.